About Us

?What is Owners Corporation?

Owners corporation management is a job that requires experience, time and diligence. Committee members must remain responsible and accountable because they represent the needs and interests of all owners who have properties on the piece of land. Whether they choose to outsource the management function or not, the committee has a strict duty to perform well in their roles.

The committee must maintain the common property, engage service providers, manage essential services, purchase sufficient insurance, raise levies, respond to owner requests, deal with disputes, liaise with local authorities, set expectations and rules, welcome new owners and residents and much more.
Most of the work is administrative and it requires a comprehensive
understanding of local laws and regulations. For those who need help,
professional strata managers exist to make compliance easy.

?Why GL-Plan?

We strive to offer a collaborative experience where you will be heard,
understood, & impacted. Our clients can rely on us to put them at the heart of every decision we make, working continuously to ensure we increase value, sustainability and enhance community living.

We are committed to understanding your needs, identifying the lifestyle
elements that are so important to you.