New Services


The fundamental nature of owners corporation managment is to perform the core duties contained in the agreement.


We cover all the essential accounting and financial owners corporation services in our annual fee.

  • Opening, maintaining and operating the owners corporation bank accounts
  • Preparing owners corporation budgets
  • Invoicing, collecting and banking of owners corporation levy notices
  • Paying of owners corporation approved invoices
  • Keeping owners corporation accounting records
  • Preparing financial accounts
  • Arranging the audit of the financial accounts
  • Lodging owners corporation tax returns (via registered tax agent)
  • Actioning owners corporation levies arrears including debt recovery

2Meetings & Secretarial

Arranging and holding owners corporation meeting and managing all the secretarial matters is a key service included in the annual fee.

  • Keeping up to date owners corporation records including the roll and register
  • Calling for nominations for positions on the committee
  • Preparing and distributing notices of meetings
  • Preparing agendas for meetings
  • Taking submissions from anyone who is permitted to submit matters to a meeting and ensuring compliance with rules
  • Arranging and attending the annual General Meeting and committee meetings
  • Preparing and distributing the minutes of meetings


Keeping up to date with all the administration matters for owners corporation is essential. Again, we include all these services in our annual fee.

  • Keeping all body corporate insurance up to date including paying premiums, lodging claims and getting quotes when needed
  • Keeping and using the owners corporation common seal as required
  • Implementing owners corporation decisions as needed
  • Making the records available for inspection with reasonable notice
  • Dealing with all owners corporation correspondence

4Other services

Quite a few other issues always arise with administering owners corporation. Some are included in our annual fee, whilst others may be subject to a separate fee or payment to another paryty.

  • Assessing maintenance requirements as and when required
  • Helping owners evaluate maintenance requirements so that your property is maintained to standard
  • Providing guidance when quotes are required
  • Getting emergency repairs attended to ASAP
  • Answering all telephone calls and emails as soon as practical
  • Dispute mediation and resolution
  • Providing a sympathic ear when things go wrong

Our role as owners corporation manager is to perform these core duties, and provide additional services and follow the reasonable directions as requested by the body corporate and committee.  In essence, we act under instruction rather than make decisions on behalf of the Body Corporate. This is as it should be. We are engaged by the body corporate to provide a service. Decisions about your body corporate should be made by the owners and Committee.